The Creative Encounter

Dancing in DeLight,
a Creative Encounter Weekend

In July of 2002, Patricia Clason, director of the Center for Creative Learning in Milwaukee, WI gave George the opportunity to focus his study and experience on the Center's Dancing in DeLight weekend, with remarkable results.

Patricia has since supported George's desire to offer the Saturday Creative Encounter Colloquiums at the Center for Creative Learning.

George Lottermoser has studied the Creative Encounter, as discussed by authors Rollo May, Peter London and others, for many years.

George has employed Creative Encounter theories in his own creative and spiritual development, and worked them into such successful weekend workshops as the Spiritual Warrior (in cooperation with The Mankind Project), Dancing in Delight and Creative Encounter Coloquiums (in cooperation with the Center for Creative Learning), as well as his own Visual Design classes at Columbia College, Chicago.

Witnessing miracles and transformations during Creative Encounters


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