George Lottermoser has devoted his life to drawing and the practice of making beautiful objects. He has photographed the world using every film format, digital camera chips, and scanning camera backs. He has scupted clay, carved wood, applied paint to canvas and paper. He has made books, jewelry and pottery. He has made lithographic prints from stone and metal, as well as engravings, etchings, wood cut prints, and serigraphs.
Installation of 4 - 30"x40" Photographs at
George Jelich's Barber Shop, Glendale, WI
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Photographer's Concept: Take a close look at cutting and grooming hair.

Camera: 8x10 Deardorf
Lens: 35mm Rodenstock Eurygon
Film: Ilford HP5
Developer: Ilford DDX
Prints: Ilford Multigrade RC Mounted on 1/2" Black GatorFoam

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