Poetography occurs when the poetographer combines strong graphic qualities to poetic word compositions; and the combination forms something stronger and / or more beautiful, than either the words or graphics would produce separately. One can create poetographs with typography, calligraphy, and many other techniques. These pages intend to present poetographs.

We'd like to develop these pages, and make these poetographs available for sale as: Wall Art, T-shirts, Note Cards and other applications. For now; if you see something you like and would like to acquire a copy for framing or wearing on your body. Just drop me a line - we'll make it happen at an attractive price.

If you would like to submit a poetograph - please email jpgs no larger than 720 x 720 pixels to george@imagist.com for review.

If you have a poem that you feel may benefit from a more graphic look - I'd like to work with you - drop me a line.

After announcing the "You Can't Understand" poetograph (just below) on twitter, Parasputin DM'd me and requested a collaboration. The result can be seen above. These twitter induced collaborations hold great promise for international creativity and communication
Work at the Edge: where transformation occurs - a collaboration between Bing Futch and George Lottermoser
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