In March of 2009 a number of LUG members thought it worthwhile to take on an occasional "assignment." This group of amateur and professional photographers, from around the world, may just bring an interesting international flavor to various topics.
The Leica User Group (LUG) Assignments
LUG March, 2009 Assignment Submissions:
The Assignment: Document the effects of the worldwide economic downturn,
as you see it unfolding, in your city, town, village, social group or family.
City, State, Country
Nathan Wajsman
Alicante, Spain
Scott Grant (via Ted Grant)
Victoria, Canada
Lluis Ripoll
Barcelona, Catalonia, Spain
Douglas Sharp
Hannover, Germany
George Lottermoser
Mequon, Wisconsin, USA
Philippe Amard
Metz, Lorraine, France
A warning : I had been thinking about the assignment and couldn't come up with a way to demonstrate its grip. I sense that somewhere, somehow, everything takes place inside people's minds, and of course in the viewer's, well most of it so far here at least.

So rather than shoot misery, I've decided to try and express my own feelings, others' can't be perceived by the camera, only their symptoms can, even if tramps, houses for sale or closed businesses and more can be seen in vast numbers. But they existed beforehand as we know and have demonstrated through our photos prior to this episode, a dramatic one for many.

Here are two snaps expressing my vision of the fall - to be continued, maybe, and hopefully not for long.

Sonny Carter
Natchitoches, Louisiana, USA
I entered a Salon called "Colors of the Recession" over at Streetphoto. Maybe it fits here.
Shot in Metairie, Greater New Orleans
Steve Barbour
Phoenix, Arizona, USA
Philip Clarke
Pinner, UK